Vol. VI, Episode 29

To Fry Hominy

Join Will on location at the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition to learn what you can do with your leftover hominy ration. A good soldier never let's food go to waste!

Frying Hominy

  • Spread out your leftover hominy so that it is relatively flat and can cool.
  • Once it's cool, cut it into pieces that are generally 1/2 inch thick and about 3 inches long.
  • Heat up some grease to where it's really hot and fry your hominy pieces until they're golden brown.
  • Once off the fire, let them cool, sprinkle with some salt, and enjoy!

NOTE: The more you disturb the hominy, the more it'll fall apart.


Get a free PDF version of 'Camp Fires and Camp Cooking, or Culinary Hints for the Soldier' (1862) at the website of the US National Library of Medicine. The recipe for frying hominy is on page 8.

If you need a good method of cooking hominy, join Will here as he demonstrates how to boil it.

Interested in learning more about where Will films the episodes for CWDD? Visit the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition here!

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