Vol. VIII, Episode 6

To Try Lard

Join Will at the Waterloo Farm Museum as he's joined by Jeremy and Felicia from History Acres as they discuss the importance of lard to the 19th century farmer and how it was rendered.

Interested in the term "try lard"?

Turns out that our modern word "render" or "to render lard" was "to try lard" in the 19th century.
Here is a clip from "The Young Housekeeper's Friend" showing usage of the term.

Special Thank You!

CWDD would like to give a special thanks to the Waterloo Farm Museum for their support in allowing us to film on location, to Jeremy and Felicia at History Acres for their collaboration, and to Martin E. Liebschner for the use of his music.
Waterloo Farm Museum
History Acres

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