Vol. VI, Episode 24

Wooden Ships

Listen in as Will talks with Historian and Naval Reservist Andrew Roscoe about the Naval forces during the Civil War.

How to Measure a Ship

Tonnage: How much water the ship displaces.
Draft: How far into the water the ship sits.
Broadside: The weight of shot.


These naval history resources are excellent for studying the naval side of the Civil War!

US Navy History and Heritage Command

The Navy History and Heritage Command is responsible for managing a variety of museums and archives relating to US Naval History.

US Naval Academy Museum

The United States Naval Academy Museum is an outstanding resource for information in the early role of academy graduates during the end of the Age of Sail and the Civil War.

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

The Hampton Roads Naval Museum is a branch on the NHHC that focuses on the rich history of the Navy in Hampton Roads, one of the largest natural anchorages in the world and home to the largest naval base.

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