Vol. VI, Episode 23

Why Apples

Join Will and Deb Reid at Greenfield Village to learn about the culinary world surrounding apples during the Civil War period!

Various Uses of Apples

From Will and Deb's discussion, here are several ways to enjoy apples the 19th century way.
Watch the video for their in-depth discussion.

  • Cooking apples: Used to make butter, sauce and other types of ingredients for different dishes
  • Table apples, or dessert apples: These were more aromatic and flavorful and meant to be enjoyed raw
  • Cider Apples: Meant for cider which typically were more tart in taste



The Fruits and Fruit Trees of America (1847)

This publication remained in print into the 1880's. It has great illustrations of grafting and pruning. Page 56 begins the sections on apples.
It is very much New England and New York focused (as the heart of the horticulture industry at the time).

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Vines, etc. (1859)

Want your own heirloom apples?

Here's a great source for heirloom apple saplings

Trees of Antiquity

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