Vol. VI, Episode 20


Join Will, Jeremy, and Felicia as they mix some whitewash, discuss its benefits, and then paint a coop.

Civil War era Whitewash Recipe

Here is the recipe that was used:

  • Water: 3 to 3.5 quarts
  • Salt: 2 oz
  • Sulfate of Zinc: 4 oz
  • Hydrated Lime: 5 lbs

CAUTION: We recommend buying hydrated lime. To hydrate your own lime has some inherent dangers, such as extremely high temperatures that can reach 300 degrees.

Also, please wear gloves, a mask, and safety glasses while mixing the whitewash.

Benefits of Using Whitewash

There are many benefits to using period whitewash.

  • Zinc acts as an anti-mildew agent and will help protect the wood.
  • Lime deters insects thus helping keep farm areas like a chicken coop clean and healthy.
  • Whitewash was also used in soldiers' barracks to help keep the living quarters sanitary.


Here's a link to sulfate of zinc.

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